Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coming to America

My grandfather came to America from England on a boat when he was 5 his little English shorts and cap.
He started his own dry cleaning business, worked hard, and realized the abundant American Dream. He didn't take advantage of our system of freedom in any way... he became an asset to our great nation. He was involved in the community, and gave back every chance he had. He hired other hard-working individuals coming to America to do the same. They were grateful to do jobs like housecleaning and tailoring. He treated them like family and paid them according to their work and skill improvement. I remember as a child I loved visiting him at the dry cleaners and runnin up to "Flo", his tailor,  giving her a HUGE hug and asking if she would show me all her buttons and thread colors and teach me to sew.  She still spoke broken English...but willingly learned our language. 

They gave back to America...

My great-grandmother was from Switzerland... grandmother & grandfather were from Germany... my dad has Irish and Native Am blood in his veins...  I love America. 
Living in a border area of AZ, I see lots of immigration. Yet I fear for the lives of my friends who are border patrol agents and law enforcement officers. I worked in our schools and saw firsthand the irresponsible abuse of our already burdened system. Busloads of children are sent across the border to be given a free education at our expense, a large percentage of those children need extra help and accommodations...their parents having no intention of coming here to work or give back in most of THESE cases. We take them in... heads seem to turn the other way. Same with the hospital system and other forms of government that cares for those in need.  Many drive uninsured.

Yet I've lost my job due to lack of funding in the schools.  I'll have to pay almost $500 a month to keep my insurance ...that they receive for free.

I live and work with law-abiding citizens who come across the border legally. They are much like the heritage I know and love of this great country. Their children join our military... they've learned our language and use their native speech to help others.

I'm not prejudice, I'm angry.  I'm not "for" racial profiling, I'm for doing what's right to protect our borders from drug lords and people who feel we owe them and want to weaken us. 

I love this desert I call home.  I'm sitting outside this morning.  It's actually cold!  The breeze is blowing and the smell of desert sweet grasses fills my senses.  It's tranquil...and beautiful.  The mountains seem majestically purple this morning... yet to go up into the National Forest means fearing drug traffickers and illegal foot traffic.   We have signs posted to warn us that our borders and national forests are in fact NOT safe...  I always carry a gun.

It just shouldn't be this way in my America.  

You won't hear me say much on politics... but this one is close to home. 
OK...  My rant is over.

There's so much good here... I don't mean to dwell on the bad.  I just want to see it get fixed.  I see a gaping wound in my America... It hurts to watch that.

I plan on celebrating Her birthday today... with a BBQ and friends.  Some of those people are border patrol agents and ranchers and teachers.  I don't take one day for granted.  I've learned life can be short and that every day matters.

We have much to be thankful for...

Happy Birthday America!


Miss Em said...

Happy 4th of July Birthda!!!

Don't feel alone when many of them who cross start to spead out they seem to wind up here in the Atlanta area. The area is experiencing many of the same things.

I would like to see it fixed also but not with Amnesty. Didn't work when it was done before won't work now.

Miss Em

ain't for city gals said...

I am only hoping Gov Brewer does not compromise or cop out..for the ones that have done it the right way I say more power to them...we are just getting to the point that we (USA) have to take care of our own first husband won't even put in for hunting in your area anymore..just too dangerous..and he is not afraid of anything. I heard Obama say in his last speech "It is impossible to close the borders????" Well, the heck with him Arizonans will do it ourselves! Have a great Fourth of July....I enjoyed reading your story..

Anonymous said...

I came over in a plane, not a boat, but I stated working when I was a kid delivering newspapers...then joined the US Army when I was 18. Spent the last 30 plus years as a civ cop.
I think anybody who comes to the US to work and produce, deserves the freedoms we have. But I also think anybody who comes here just to commit crimes and sell drugs, should be sent back to prison in the country they came from... and take a few of their buddies with them.
I think most of us are tired fo supporting both citizens and non=citizens who refuese to work.

Coffeypot said...

I do feel your anger and frustration to the illegal immigration issue. It is beyond me why Washington and the border states cannot see and understand the word illegal.

But I am totally impressed with your grandfather coming over her and starting a business at 5 years old. How did he get a business license? Did he have child labor, too? Only in America.

I hope you had a great day with your peeps and the good ole feed.

Wrexie said...

Hope you all had a good 4th! I appreciate your comments...

Miss Em... It affects us all, huh?

AFCG- I'm pretty sure AZ & TX could seal the entire border in no time if they had the support from our government.
I hope Gov Brewer stays strong too...
She was asked on camera if she carried a gun. She avoided an answer, but her expression said "hell yeah!"

Anon- There are a lot of good, hard-working people in this country that make her great. I admire and appreciate those of you who protect us. ...and for 30 years? thank you.
and I completely agree...criminals should be sent back from where they came from. And maybe we can just put 'em all on a plane and charge them triple the airfare as a parting gift.

CP - I told you he had on his little English shorts and cap. He WAS a businessman at 5! hehee.

Anonymous said...

My Grandparents on both sides are from Ireland. They did the same worked hard and became Americans...My grandfather would have rather die than abuse this countries welfare or anthing else like that...I am also in Arizona...and I agree...I am afraid...And the rest of the country wanting to boycott us makes me so angry I can cry! My friends mother was denied at first a treatment and in the bed next to her was an illegal who was getting the same treatment and get this the hospital told the illegal they would keep her a few more days to make sure she got the treatments she needed before she was sent back...WTF???

This is an interesting video

KrippledWarrior said...

Don't ever apologize for speaking the truth. Brave men died and left their body parts on battlefields for that purpose...
Use it or loose it. Your Freedom that is...

Lucy said...

I live up here in Phoenix and I could not agree with you more. And Obama is gutless. He couldn't make a decision if he even wanted to. I'm so sick of him already. I want him to come out here with a sleeping bag and camp out down there and just watch for a few days. He doesn't have a clue.

Wrexie said...

Christie- Irish girl :)
Yep. It's so messed up it makes me crazy. Hope your friend's mom was ok... argh!
Thanks for sharing that video...I caught it on TV a few times. I agree with our gov... it's an outrage. But Wash has it's blinders on.

Warrior - thank you. For your service and sacrifice. ...and for the reminder. The price of freedom is high...certainly not free.
Thanks for the visit...

Hi Lucy- As bad as things get...I still believe in this country, despite who the prez is.
It makes me crazy-furious he won't secure our borders...
I was talking to some friends last night at the BBQ... we all commented on how we thought we understood what was going on here UNTIL we moved here. Then the reality lightbulb of what's ACTUALLY going on lit up the truth. I'm sure a lot of us agree with your idea. ...he doesn't have a clue...OR he doesn't WANT to have a clue. Having a clue would require a lot more force than he's given us. ...and we'll need a few more 'armed' men. damn. Give the boys a gun..don't send 'em down there unarmed.

TX was ticked off at the National Guard numbers, BTW. You want support, look to them freedom luvin Texan neighbors of ours.