Sunday, July 11, 2010

Should I pick this "Flower"?

Hi. I'm Flower.

Squeaky toys make me *SMILE*

I'm fawn colored with a dark streak down my back.
...white tip at the end of my tail, white chest.
Wrexie is wondering if you can figure out what
mixed breeds I am.
She's thinking of adopting me,
but the last two dogs she had on trial wanted to
eat down the house when she left.

I just chew my bone...I even share it.
...SO FAR, I'm a good girl.


Coffeypot said...

Beautiful dog. The head looks like a little pit bull or some other bully dog. Not a bad thing. Actually, bully dogs are very loyal and protective. She just might work out. Hope So! Everyone needs a dog in their life.

Wrexie said...

She's a sweetie...and a really quick learner. I hope she works out too.

KrippledWarrior said...

That head is most certainly American Bull Dog(pit bull).
The abdomen, Hind Quarters and tail are Grey Hound...
The music to day was great.

Anonymous said...

OMG she is gorgeous...she looks like a pitbull..I say this because she looks like my dog...I have a picture of him on my sidebar...He is beige but the same face...And he is just a mush...Very high energy...She looks like a doll....

Wrexie said...

Christie: Wow. She does look a lot like your dog. He's a handsome boy.
Yep, she's a doll. A mush for sure! heehee.
I really want to keep her. The rescue people told me she wasn't a pit, ...but that's what I see too.

Warrior: The dark on her back and her build make me wonder if she's part Rhodesian Ridgeback...looks grayhound too though.
Uh. She's SUCH a good dog.
Well...regardless, she's got to be OKed by the landlord, and I'm guessin' they'll see pit and say no. :(

Coffeypot said...

IF the landlord say no to that dog then she/he knows nothing about dogs. Even a half bread pit is much less likely to be aggressive than a full blood. Yet pits are only aggressive if they are raise that way.

I took a second look and the coloring does look like a ridgeback. But no matter what, she is a doll.

Anonymous said...

She looks pretty good to me.

Wrexie said...

CP: I agree. Pits, like all dogs are what you make them when it comes to meaness. She's small. Her head is no way near the size of a standard bull dog. ...not even as big as a heeler. And she's such a sweet, submissive girl.
I like her coloring. She looks like a little deer.

Kira: Meee tooooo.