Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

...for you service at home.... and far off in foreign lands.

I can honestly say, I sleep better knowing you're there.   I experienced  your presence in a powerful way after a hurricane once ....when the hum of  Blackhawk helicopters  lulled me to sleep at night.  Hearing them reassured me I was safe, because there were men and women willing to stay up all night, at the risk of their own personal safety, to do their jobs so expertly to make sure of it. 

I thought of our vets in every flag I saw today, each waving so proudly in the breeze.  ...and I was thankful for all the sacrifices you make, for those you stand next to and fight beside...for your families... for your service.

It's been a long day... but I couldn't go to bed without writing this before the day's end. thanks to YOU.  Happy Veteran's Day to each of you.

....and especially to the one who saved me.  You'll always be my hero.

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