Friday, January 28, 2011


OK.  I literally survived another week, so here's to life!  I think I'll post the best of my week every fRiDaY.  ...even if it's a sunrise, because they're looking good these days.

Best things that happened this week:  My son told me I looked like a New York model this morning.  I'm 5'3".  (Whadaya want kid?? can have it!  haha)
....yeah, he's got me feeling 5'10" at the moment. heheee - I'll take it.

Worst of the week:  We both got shot at.  He gets really pissed when someone tries to steal his hat..he's a true cowboy that way.   And me, well, I almost lost my favorite earring. 
Good news was the stupidjerkarseholeshowoffmoronidiot missed.  ...and me and Wrexie, though we're not too big, scared the hellouta the big dumbsh*t. 

We were shooting at a local spot we go to often.  But there was not a sign for stupid people and some showoff idiot shot toward us. 
Wrexie ate up the desert getting up the hill and  'parked' intimidatingly close to his nice new shinny black truck and I marched over with my 5'10" attitude on and got in his face...uh, more like neck I guess,  because I couldn't reach his face.  (he was almost 6')  But I'm pretty sure he knows how I feel about him.  He's VERY lucky I have self-control and I didn't let my kid out of the car.

 ...and yep, my fiery little Wrexie gave 4 tires full of gravel to him on the way out.  I don't think his 'ladies' were so impressed with him anymore.


CI-Roller Dude said...

You are now officiallllly in the "I've been shot at, but the dumb ass missed" club. Member ship is free.

Wrexie said...

Do I get the bulletproof bumbersticker?
I guess I can say I know how you feel now... but my shooter wasn't an enemy - well, until he shot at me.
It sucks, huh? I really want people to understand gun safety around here better.