Thursday, February 10, 2011


Peaceful iew from my front porch, last summer.

I stopped by a gun store this week I hadn't visited yet.
I told the owner I was looking for something small to carry concealed.

He handed me a 5-round revolver.
I think it was made out of aluminum foil.

"5 rounds?"  "Really?"
He went into his 'all you little women need is a little revolver' speech...
and how statistics prove ...
"Oh, Ma'am, you won't need to reload.  A couple shots will do it."
"It's a proven fact"... blahblahblah...

All I'm thinking is this:
                                      The only statistic I'm aware of that concerns me at the moment
is the one we could have become.
5 rounds wouldn't have helped us a bit down in that wash the other day
if the guy kept shooting at us.
(I put 3-4 rounds in the opposite embankment
reminding the idiot we were down there still...)
But if we were under fire...
I would have had to protect us, and shoot back. 
What? With one bullet left?

Then he asked if I had a personal protection firearm.
I told him I did.
XD40... kinda heavy at times.
Pulls my on my britches when I hike...

He just laughed and looked at me funny,
"Oh, well.... uhhh...that's a good firearm too."
"Have it on you?"


Oh.  (shocked look)  You doooo?

"Well... that's good. MOST WOMEN leave it in the car... blahblahblah."
(more statistics)

Mister... I'm just really not most women. 
And us women are actually all quite unique.
Some men, on the other hand...

never mind.

Don't get me wrong.  I don't dislike revolvers. 
I've got my eye on a nice big shiny Ruger... .4; made out of real gun metal, not Reynolds Wrap.
But for personal carry,
I want my automatic with lots of bullets.

I guess I need to go to the range again.
Get back on the proverbial horse... I'm still a bit spooked from that incident.


Coffeypot said...

Maybe the dumb ass should have asked you what experience you have with firearms to determine the level of conversation first, before making a fool of himself.

But it never works for me either.

Anonymous said...

Some of us old range master fought with the admin pukes for years to allow us cops to carry semi auto pistols...the autos are so much easier to shoot and reload...
why would anybody want to carry a little cute snubnose revolver unless it was to look old school.
You can get a small .380 auto that holds more rounds, faster to reload and is flatter and easier to hide than any revovler. CIRD

Wrexie said...

CP: The only level of conversation he was interested in was listening to himself try to impress me with his statistics... which were bs.

CIRD: Thank you. Exactly.
I'd buy a gun from you. ...and that's horrible you had to fight to carry an auto! sheesh.