Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Texas Spring Fever

Getting my son off to school wore me out before 8am. It was a rough morning...

After he got on the bus, I started thinking about my late friend, Dana.
How I'd call her on days like this...
and we'd end up talking for hours sometimes.
But we'd always find something to laugh about....

I miss her a lot.

Anyway... I thought I'd post some flowers,
since I have Texas on my mind.
Rivers of Bluebonnets

If you are in central Texas around early April, you're in
for a treat.
(This is Chappel Hill... near Brenham.)

I wish I had more pictures of Texas barns...
they were some of the best.
..especially the ones with a Texas
flag painted on the roof. :)

It's hard to look at bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush
up close and not think of fire ants. lol
City folks would come out to the hill country
to take family pictures in the spring...
and promptly sit their kid on a fire ant hill. Not exactly the family picture they were hoping to get, I'm sure!

Texas chocolate milk maker.

Oreo cookie cows.

(I used to tell my kids the color of the
cow was the flavor of milk and ice
cream it made.)

Texas longhorns.

I love this gate...
I think I need an Arizona one like it. ;)

And I can't forget the best...

Blue Bell,
...the best ice cream in the country.


KrippledWarrior said...

A Texas Chocolate Milk Maker! Brilliant...

CI-Roller Dude said...

If the cows are nerds, do they make jerky?

Wrexie said...

KW: Only in Texas!

RD: That's very amoosing, but udderly rediculious. hehe

Anonymous said...

Any Spam cows there?

Wrexie said...

...ewww. NO