Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fire on the mountain...

There's a nasty fire burning in Mexico, just across the border. 

But yesterday, with red flag wind warnings...
it got past Smokey and his posse
and crossed illegally into Arizona.

not exactly sure why....

He said they said he did it???
Official word is that it was started by a human, not a bear.

I have a little sign like this at the end of my road...
The air was thick.  I couldn't even see the mountains on my drive home from work.

Another fire popped up last weekend...just down the road.
It burned 65 acres before they could contain it.
It was in the middle of a field.
We haven't had lightning for months. was near an illegal trail along the river.

Is there actually such a thing as 'fire warfare?'
I think I'll need a modified squirt gun for that....


Bob G. said...

You got yourself some crazy stuff goin' on down there...I'd opt for the largest SUPER SOAKER you can buy.
Make it TWO...!

Have to admit that having a REAL border fence (read WALL) would go a LONG way to having a decent "fire-break" for those illegal wildfires coming across the border...(heh).

Have a great Sunday.

Stay safe down there.

Coffeypot said...

Fire is a scary thing. Got my fingers crossed for ya. The only advice I can give, besides moving, would be to stock up on marshmallows.

Dan said...

Remember, Only YOU can prevent forest fires...