Sunday, February 5, 2012

SKATER KID..the music is for him

So I let my son have a friend over Fri night to 'help pack'.  They don't get more done, but they more have fun not getting more done.  So after lunch his friends mom comes to get them so I can really get stuff done.  (have you ever seen boys pack? I bet there's dirty underwear in them boxes... he won't have to look for his boxes or boxers after we move, the dog will find them).

I'm getting a bunch done now... thinking I just might really pull this thing off and actually move this week....

20 minutes later the phone rings.  My friend who's actually helping me pack, teasingly hands me the phone and says, "It's P telling you he broke his arm at the skatepark".
Me:  "very funny.  har har"

I answer the phone.  "Mom?  I fell on my skateboard going down the hill at about 30 mph... I know it was that fast because A's mom was driving behind us up to the house after she let us off at the hill to ride down to the driveday.  I got a little roadrash and I think I broke my wrist... actually my elbows are shredded and my wrist is all weird, and it feels a little numb...or maybe that's the adrenaline, not sure."

All I could do is point my finger at my friend with my mouth gaping open.  Uh.  Uh. 

P:  "WHAT are you talking about, Mom?  I'm serious.  I really did eat it on the asphalt.  I'll put ice on it for awhile and call you back if it's not better or swells more or something.  We already cut off the extra skin with A's pocket knife.  He'd be a really good field medic, mom."

Me:  "Did you hit your head?  no?  did you have your helmet on??????????????  ...oh, well of course not.  okkkk.  I'm coming.  AND we're going for x-rays."

P:  "X-rays????  nooooo.  I'm putting ice on it.  It'll be fine."

Me:  "I'll be there in 15 min.

3 hours later.... and a car accident/screaming lady triage setback:

Yes Ms Wrexie.  He broke his wrist.  It's on the growth plate.  He'll  have to see an ortho on Mon.  He might needs pins... you'll have to go to Tucson for that.  Tough kid you have there... they usually whine and cry a lot.  He'll be fine...

Yep.  Well, doc...we're moving this week.  Good timing, eh? Not the best way to get out of packing though, is it? 
The doctor with 5 brothers just laughed and said, "I have no idea how my mom survived raising us." 

Bless her heart...


Coffeypot said...

Only to you. I hate it for P but had to chuckle at your inability to have things go smoothly. But it is fun growing up as a boy.

Bob G. said...

Sorry to hear about that...pins aren't that much fun, especially with airport metal detectors (got a buddy with some in his thigh with a rod as well).

Next time (and there will be one)...PADS, and even some protective wristguards and gloves...just in case.
(lvl 3 body armor?)

Hang in there and stay strong.

And stay safe out there.