Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Storm: Part II

The water rose. The winds gusted up to 100 mph.  It was like a hurricane with sideways rain and hail that  lasted 3 hours... I've never seen hail last for so long.

Water rose up to the door, blew through the threshold, through the windows, through the skylights and vents ..and on to my brand new carpet.

Our short dirt road off the main road was flowing toward the river.
This is our road much later...after the storm cleared.  It was still flowing the next day.

Just down the road, the earth gave way to make a waterfall... 

This is a half mile BEFORE the river. 

Locals say our annual rainfall here is about 11"..  We got 6" in 3 hours. 

The way the storms collided and came through the riparian, made it severe in just a small area.  My friends 3 miles down the road only got 3-4" of rain and pea-sized hail for a short time.  
 For a couple of days, no one knew what we were talking about... 6"???  Large hail ??  Then the stories started come in about bridges washed out and folks driving through ranches to get home, carports blown over onto vehicles., animals drowning... dead birds everywhere.  

In town it was bad too. Trees blew down...even one on fort. The winds were bad, and the rains seemed heaviest toward the mountains.

That was the kick-off to monsoons. 
Oh boy.

The good news is:
I get a new air conditioner and roof. and the paint for the house is paid for. 
We saved our chickens. 

And I don't have something happen to me without something funny or strange... it's how I roll. lol:
My extra washing machine was outside because we didn't get it to the shed yet and the other one broke, so I was using it until we got a part for the other one. (there wasn't room in the mud room for two) The insurance man saw the hail damage on it.  We said not to worry about was a spare that came with the house.  

He asked if I was doing laundry outside. (I think he thought I was a real-live redneck woman)  
"Uh, yeah... I've been washing outside."
. He looked at me funny and gave us money for a new one.  LOL

I'm thankful it wasn't worse... it definitely could have been.  

But my poor car...


Bob G. said...

Got some decent insurance folks ou there...
But that weather...HOO-BOY!

I think a lot of this is "man-made" so the government can step in and "protect" us.
That road looks like one of our local rivers!
(probably not as deep, thank God)

You take care and stay safe out there.

Wrexie said...

Well, if they keep the hail machine going...I'll have to "shoot" back. They didn't ban auto ice machines yet, did they?

I still have bruises from chicken-saving-day. Felt like an airsoft war with my son. lol!

Anonymous said...

I saw the coverage of flash floods past night in southern Utah. Impressive!


Wrexie said...

RD..The speed and power of water is impressive, indeed. Around here it's either fire or floods.