Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm a way lucky girl

I got to shoot a Barrett 82A1 this weekend.  (I think they cost more than my car...)

Yep... it was awesome fun.


(does my arm hurt?  the spring takes most of the punch, but I have a right broken wrist ..old injury.. and I shot right, so it still hurts.  My elbow slid several inches across the blanket.  But ohhhh it was worth it.)

I don't think I've ever anticipated a shot more in my life.  I couldn't tell you for sure, but I think it has a really long trigger pull.  lol


Bob G. said...

We might have to start calling you "Fifty-Cal Girl"...lol.

You rock!

Stay safe and shoot straight out there.

Coffeypot said...

When you shot the Barrett 82A1, did you kill it or just wound it?

Wrexie said...

Bob.. always keepin it safe. :)

CP.. it punched me first.