Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blurry... or is it?

Some days can be blurry camera agrees.

I took my dog for a romp into the canyon this morning.
The creeks were running from the rains...
not sure of the terrain before them.
The forest: cool, lush, and fragrant. 

Trickling water
Tranquil and Serene
The re-newer of life

...when you live in the desert.

Tiny purple butterflies danced above a babbling brook
as if they were auditioning for the movie
...and as if on cue from an invisible conductor,
they all disappeared in one motion,
only to open their wings again in complete unison 
as the music of the brook regained its rhythm.

As we climbed up out of the coolness of the canyon's floor,
Love marked my trail
to show me the way home...

But my great protector of beetles and bears
couldn't keep her eyes open for the drive back.


Anonymous said...

just let me take off me glasses and pinch me it's all clear mam. Nice doggy.
-Born on a North Atlantic Island

Wrexie said...

Well, Islander, I thought I got all the Gorilla Glue off my hands to answer my cell phone, but nope. It got right were the camera lens is. doggie IS a sweetie, but she looks like the sphinx there!

Oh, here... Don't forget your glasses. :)

Wrexie said... do know what Gorilla Glue is, right? No Gorillas were harmed. blahblahblah...
I was just trying to fix the leather sandal my LAST dog ate that the leathersmith couldn't fix, because THIS dog recently ate my other leather sandal. and...oh, nevermind. Long story.

I could use Duck tape...but then I'd have to explain the ducks... and...