Monday, July 19, 2010


I think we found our dog's birth mother.

Cuz this little jill is not an innocent Flower.
She's a lightening Bolt.

She doesn't run through fields, she bounces.

She can't just sniff coyote tracks, she inhales them,
then jumps straight up in the air like she's on crack.

She can jump in and out of car windows...
just ask the folks at the gas station.
(and, uhh, the landlord...) yeah.

She chases flies...and catches them 
...on the bathroom counter top.


Does she answer to it, you ask?
She doesn't just answer, she smiles and winks...


CI-Roller Dude said...

Part dog, part kanga roo. Wow, amazing dog.

Anonymous said...

LOL! She sounds like a handful...But fun...My dog catches flies too...

Coffeypot said...

My two dogs are so old, I think they draw flies. Did you change the name from Flowers?

Miss Em said...


Glad you can keep up with her because she would just wear me out.

Miss Em


CI: yep, she's something else, that's for sure. :) Maybe we could do a DNA test? ...but I'm pretty sure she's part roo.

CJ: She makes me laugh a lot. ...BUT she gets into mischief, like chewing her leash in half while I talked to the neighbor. She just wanted to run free in the field. ..the little rascal is too smart.

CP: Old doggies are so
m e l l o w. Yeah, we changed her name to Bolt. in "Automatic recoil bolt action" or "lightening bolt". Flower just wasn't cuttin' it. She's settling in and showing her true colors. hehee

Miss Em: She is a handfull, but she calms right down after even just a little walk... when she's bouncy, I just let her run in the field. She'll sit quietly beside me a lot. It's sweet. My little guy's gonna love her :)