Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Dogs

This is Fila, it was Dana's dog.
A Jack Russel...hyper little doggies, they are. 
But fierce
(She was a sweetie...see her heart-light glowing?)

My own fierce protector got between me and a snake today.
Brave, huh? 

 I was oblivious...
too busy reading about a house for sale, and didn't even see or hear the snake. 

Bolt tried to pull me away from it... 
and when I didn't pay attention, she rammed me in the leg.

THAT was when I noticed the hisssssss and realized what was going on.
It took several seconds to register how close it was...
...or just where exactly it was.
Once I saw it, the adrenaline kicked in.

It was a good reminder to be more cautious where I tread.
Glad it was just a gopher snake...

I love my dog.


CI-Roller Dude said...

That's a good doggy... whenever she starts barking, go check the well and see if Timmy fell in again.

Miss Em said...

Hope she got extra hugs and a steak for diner.

Miss Em


KrippledWarrior said...

a very good dog you have.

Anonymous said...

Good dog! My dog would have tried to chase the snake...He is not too bright...

Wrexie said...

Hehee. Roller Dude, you're funny.
Maybe she watched Lassie reruns at her foster home :)

No steak around here at the moment, Miss Em...but she got LOTS of hugs and chicken broth on her dinner! (probably better for her than Taco Bell)
The doggie park got rained out she got a little hike up on the mountain too.

She's a keeper for sure Warrior! She's a pretty smart, and brave little girl.

Chrisite, some dogs have such a high prey drive, they can't seem to help but chase critters. My shepherd was like that. A very sweeet dog, but if anyone tried to hurt me, she'd have them pinned, beggin for mercy :)