Monday, December 13, 2010

127 Hours

I celebrated Christmas with my youngest this weekend. I love the magic Christmas brings to a child's world. ...reminds me I don't ever want to grow up. ;)

We had a great weekend... we ended it spending a Sun. afternoon at a spot we found last year. Kind of our own little shooting range. Always fun. Sometimes a "guest" shows up to our little world (hehe) and wants to shoot too. This time it was a Navy man who had seen more action than he bargained for... Christmastime can bring out some ghosts, for many folks. He had a few he was shootin' at, I think. ...probably the one he just told a complete stranger about.

Oh, I worry about our troops returning home. Do they get all the help they need and deserve?

While we were there... I got a call from my oldest son. If you're a parent, you know that once your kids are grown... they just don't call home as much. But it seems he has a few more of my genes for adventure than I realized... and he called to tell me about his latest. Just a weekend survival trip, mom. Cool, huh? I just don't understand why I can't get more of my buddies interested in this stuff. They can be such wusses.

Then we talked a little about movies... he's been wanting me to watch "Into the Wild"... so I promised I would get it this week.

Then he left me with this.... "and look up the trailer to "127 Hours".... You HAVE to see it, Mom.

I just watched the trailer below...
Uhhhmm... my heart skipped a beat. He's not.......... thinking of.... THAT ....kind of adventure, I hope?

I'm callin' that kid today. Last I checked he had a good dose of common sense, just need to make sure it's still intact.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch "Into the Wild" about some dumbass hippie kid who didn't know he shouldn't eat the poison stuff...
Kind of like evolution...sorry I'm so heartless mam.