Friday, December 10, 2010


I've been trying to get to Tombstone all week to do a little of my kind of Christmas shopping. ;)  But when I saw the Thursday newspaper, I almost thought I was too late. 

In case you didn't hear... there was a fire at Six Gun City last Wednesday.  They tell me it made national news.  It burnt to the ground.  I guess the town was lucky the entire street didn't burn...
Tombstone FD did an amazing job of controlling the fire.
Anyway...we checked on a few buddies, did some shopping ...and  I took a few pics:  (the burned area was roped off too much to get a good shot of anything but yellow tape)  I'm sure the investigation will be a long one... there's always a good story when it comes to things like this in this town...

I got in a traffic jam on the way into town. 
I could actually say to this guy..."get your ass moving!"
and not offend anyone ;)

A quick cell phone camera shot
on the way out of town...
looks old, doesn't it?

Well, IT is old ...but the picture isn't.

Christmas luminaries look cool on the roof.
As long as those candles are just lights...

Here's a picture of Six Gun City I took in 2009. 

Sad to think it's all gone now.
But they will rebuild...
Tombstone's too tough to die.

Hope I didn't make you too homesick, Sarg.


Sarge Charlie said...

I worked as a bartender one year during the annual old west days(1965) we loved that old town. We were there on a trip to the Grand Canyon 6-7 years ago, visited Ft Huchuca and was disappointed in what I saw, nothing like it was in the 60's. Sierra Vista is a big city now, not so much when i was there.

Wrexie said...

It is a great old town...they still have Heldorado Days.

Funny you say that of the fort. Times I've been on post, I wonder if anything changed since they built it. hehee... it has lots of cool history, that's for sure.

When I've asked for directions in SV, locals always say "oh, it's over by where the old ____ used to be." I always laugh and say this town must have done some changing. :)

Anonymous said...

I reckon they'll need to load the water cannons for now.