Tuesday, May 10, 2011


They can stop and swarm like this in 3-6 minutes.

I suppose they are Africanized bees, since the AZ bee
website says that all the honey bees have been taken over by them now.

My pest control people told me they were most likely just 'pollinators'...
passing through to rest the queen on their journey elsewhere.  
They are usually not aggressive at this time, but I kept my distance anyway...

The wind was blowing 25-30 mph yesterday.
They were "breaking off" in clumps..
then quickly flying back to hang on again.

all that was left was this:
I "stole" the honeycomb along with it's pheromones... hoping it will keep them from coming back so close to the house.


CI-Roller Dude said...

Try Bee Bees.

Wrexie said...

HAHAHA.. so THAT'S why they're called BB's!

I'll do a post tomorrow of what the little mister's plan was...

Bob G. said...

Dang, that's nasty!
Helluva swarm.

I'd suggest a flame-thrower, but the dryness out there wouldn't take to all that too well.

Hope they leave your house soon enough...nothing worse than "squatters".

Stay safe out there.

Wrexie said...

They moved on, thankfully. Now if they did laundry or mowed... lol