Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Smoky Mountain

Sunday night

a chopper with buckets of water

As of today:
3700 acres of forest land has burned in my backyard.

75 residents evacuated just 5 miles from my home
...the fire came within FEET of some of those houses.
Amazing efforts on the firefighters parts!

Another team from CO came out today...
for a different fire...
but they were sent to this one.

63,000 gallons of water/retardant have been put on it...
it's still ZERO percent contained.

So far there are 4 crews, 80 workers...
including 2 hot shot teams.
along with the numerous local, state and federal fire fighting crews
who have been on site since it started on Sunday.

We had a big fire across from the base camp on Sunday...
road closures
animal relocation's...

The only injury I've heard of was a horse getting burned in the hay field.
It couldn't escape. Very sad...
The fire started so quickly...and swept through the dry grasses.
It's miraculous that only a garage and a barn have been lost so far...
No homes or other structures have been burned.

Today, the temperatures are rising...
and the winds are expected to pick up again.
Yesterday's efforts were stifled because of wind gusts over the mountains.
Today they're concerned we'll reach red-flag warnings...
35mph or more with stronger gusts.

6 am this morning...

the valley is covered in a blanket of smoke...

The fire is under investigation....
but it's believed to have been started just yards across the border
... near some of my favorite hiking trails.

We have been given a 10 mile fly zone into Mexico
to keep the fires there from crossing over.
...news sources say Mexico has done nothing to help fight this fire on either side.

Almost EVERY fire we have had this summer near here was "human" caused.
...under investigation.
...started just across the border or right on it.

MILLIONS of federal dollars are being spent.
And how many illegals crossed over to take advantage of
free resources here in America, while all our resources,
including some Border Patrol agents, are fighting these fires?

Living on the border, we see first-hand the economic drain illegal immigration causes.

After we returned home and I saw the fire maps...
I realized how close we came to losing our home.

Many, many thanks to all the firefighters and response teams who worked tirelessly to fight this fire.


Bob G. said...

This is a fantastioc post in SO many ways.

I can';t imagine living near such a HUGE wil;dfire...and for weeks on end.
We're praying for you out there, and I know I;m NOT alone in that regard.

As to the fires atrted ACROSS the border...makes good sense.
Divert "attention" with a big-ass fire, adn that allows other places along the border to be become even MORE "porous".
It does boggle the mind to know that our southern "neighbor" is NOT lifting a finger to help with the wildfires...amazing!

You got some great pictures here, too.

Please stay safe down there.
We're all thinking of you.

Coffeypot said...

Wind is fire's best friend, unless it blowing back over already burnt ground. Be safe Wrexie.

Anonymous said...

OK, I've changed my mind....we should go ahead and set land mines and barb wire on the border...seems like them little turds are just assholes.