Saturday, June 18, 2011

Evacuating the Fire

When I saw this, I cried.  We knew it was a bad one.
...and I hurt for all my friends that live up in those hills.

The winds picked up.
The firefighters couldn't contain it to the mountains...
it crossed the highway, sending a massive
brush fire straight toward us.

Sheriff's Dept came thorough telling us to evacuate...

...tying yellow ribbons on our fence posts
making it known that we were told to evacuate.

Evacuation is mandatory now.   House should make it OK... but this fire is a mean bitch, and the winds are extra wicked today.

The fire would turn to smoke...then flare up again,
only bigger.

We were packed, had the animals ready to go
...but hung back just a bit to water around
the house one last time.

While we were watering... the planes showed up.
They dropped repellent  on the fire.
Gotta  love these guys...


Bob G. said...

We're hoping for the best for you out there, and praying our hearts out that people can indeed be spared from the loss of thier homes.

Excellent (and sobering) photographs.

Hang in there.
Stay safe.

Coffeypot said...

I was talking about you to some friends today and that I was gonna email you when I got home from the Waffle House. Then I saw this post and felt so relieved. I hope it is over for your area now. So glad you and yours are safe. Like the old Nitty Gritty Dirt Band song said, "Piss on the fire, Call in the dogs, and headed on back to Bowlegs."

Wrexie said...

Thanks guys...

We're safe. They keep opening up more roads and letting people back in to their homes a little at a time. It's really bad...
I saw burned houses on my way to work this morning... made me cry.