Monday, July 11, 2011

Fire on the Mountain

pink 'mud' being dropped in the distance
to keep the fire from our houses..

still out of control...

smokey skies made for a spectacular

these last two pix were during daylight...
the smoke got pretty thick.

This picture was in the paper...
a rear-view mirror glance back as a resident evacuates.
When it burned near Fort, it threatened a large community
of neighborhoods of people across the hwy.


Coffeypot said...

That last picture kinda remind me of back in the day when I smoked the weed...and cigarets.

Bob G. said...

Damn fine pictures there.

Yeah, I'd grab some NON-fiction for a spell.

(Shot at? Sounds like our ghettohood)

You stay safe out there.

Wrexie said...

Coffey y Chong? YOU were Cheech, weren't you!

Bob: our ghettohood is at the shooting range. pissed me off because he was military...should have known better than to be so careless.