Saturday, July 9, 2011

A storm is brewing... there's thunder and rain in the distance.

So before it headed this way, I thought I'd give the patiently waiting hummers a refill...

dog days for Bolt

it's cooler down here..

..and there's something down here

The first monsoon tarantula

Uh oh, I think it got Bolt. She's limping.
She acted like a snake bit her or she got shot...scared me to death.
She laid in her chair and moped for over an hour.
She must have stepped on the fuzzy spider and got the barbed hairs in her paw.

Silly dog.

Now she's hiding under my desk...
afraid of the thunder. Poor doggie.


Bob G. said...

You got some real beauty out there...every day...for free.
Kinda offsets things like wildfires...and tarantulas.
(I hate those buggers)

Gorgeous dog, also. She's a cutie!

And thanks for reminding me I have to refill our hummingbird feeder...
(love THOSE buggers)

Stay safe out there.

Wrexie said...

It really is beautiful and very peaceful out here...

Hummers are pretty cool little guys, aren't they?