Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Phoenix Dust Storm last night... I prefer the rain


Bob G. said...

That's one HELLUVA HABOOB you got going on out there...looks like that scene from THE MUMMY (just no faces appearing in that cloud, eh?)

Yeah, I'd take the rain, too.
Good call on that one.

Stay safe (and "haboobless") out there.

Coffeypot said...

Are there people out in that? How long does it last and how do they breath?

Wrexie said...

BOB... It didn't dare come here. We'd have lassoed it and sent it packin' ...with a flame on its tail!

I think locals find it kinda fun... go outside and get sandblasted. I suppose you wouldn't want to be on the freeway... but otherwise, it just blows through.

CP...our noses always have desert in them. We're immune. It was an awe inspiring sight though, eh?