Sunday, August 14, 2011


This "college student" came to my house soliciting educational books.  I meet all strangers at the door with Mr. Springfield, Mr. Beretta or a relative ;)..  He saw me lock 'n load through the window... and laughed.

Arrogant SOB.  I answered the door and told him to leave.  He wouldn't.  He asked me if I was (son's name)'s mom.  Shocked me.  I asked him where he got his information  and if he had a permit from the county to sell door-to-door.  He rattled off the law of my county in broken Russian (some accent I couldn't figure out).

I told him I didn't allow soliciting on my property or trespassing and he needed to leave.  He said he had a permit.  I told him to save it for the sheriff, he's on his way.  He shoved a shiny brochure in my face.   I shut the door in his.

Pissed him off.  He did some weird antics with his hands.  My son told him in teenage verbiage to LEAVE.

It was raining... a good monsoon rain.  He went to his out-of-state car.  Sat there... honked his horn several times, just being a jerk.  ...20 min later, no sheriff. (We have a large county and the sheriff are spread pretty thin.)

He got out of his car, heading for the house again.  I told him to get back in his car and wait because the sheriff wanted to talk to him...and not come another step closer.  He drove to the end of my street and waited.

I called the sheriff again.  They sent Border Patrol to check him out.

5 BP vehicles and twice as many agents show up. 

...Sheriff is close behind and when he arrives Mr. Arrogant tells him a bunch of lies... BP and sheriff believed ME.  The guy was sketchy at best. 

They ran him... nothing.  Complaints all over the county, but nothing solid.
BP ran his visas. 

Nothing again.  clean.

I asked if he was a student.  NO
How many visa's?  One expiring, another good to let him stay.
Where's he from?  Czech Republic.

How did he know my kids name?  called him by his nickname even?  HOW?

They all took turns questioning him.  The younger agents were getting into it...  Wanted him on anything.  None of us trusted him.  Too weird. No one liked that he knew my kids name...

Turns out he had a map and a list with way too much information.  Knew teachers, students, bus routes... what time the kids got home. 

But he was clean.  Couldn't get him on anything.  Sheriff said it happens more than you know.
So the deputy told him if he ever came back on my property he would be arrested.

He left.  But not before racing his POS car down my driveway and nearly ramming a BP truck parked in my driveway.... on purpose.  Pissed of the agent so they chased him awhile. 

20 minutes later he shows up a my friends house.  Her husband got rid of him, but he did 50mph down his street too. 

What a week. 


Coffeypot said...

That is too freaky. I'm not that law abiding. He pulled some of that arrogant shit with me and he would be looking at the sky through swollen lids. Let the cops lock him up for attacking me and forcing me to defend myself. Don't matter how much he complained, you know how they lie....

Wrexie said...

yeah. But I still get to think about it all everyday.

White Horse Pilgrim said...

That is a weird tale. I lived a few years in Eastern Europe. Yes, there are some pushy know-all young people over there who lack the restraint shown by older people and - thanks to the damage done by communism - are short of a moral compass. The other thing is that they seem to lack any sense of cause and effect, therefore are prone to do really dumb and annoying stuff seemingly without realising how stupid or dangerous it is. Most of them really should not be allowed around motor vehicles.

I had people just walk into my house and go from room to room looking for me, always because they wanted to sell something. Personal space means nothing in a peasant society. Marxism kept much of Eastern Europe in essentially a pre-industrial mindset. The propaganda that was spewed out, and still is, made them think that whatever tinpot state they came from is great and important. Unfortunately you have just seen where that leads. If it's any consolation, most such people may be full of BS but are complete and utter cowards.

Anyway I don't live there anymore. Nice scenery, great riding trails, the older people were usually OK, but there was so much stupidity and dishonesty.

Stay safe and try not to let the idiots grind you down.

Wrexie said...

hi WHP..thanks for stopping by.

So it's nationwide??? yikes. AND yes, if I left the door open, I think he would have just walked in. BP had to explain that we don't have open borders here and you leave when asked. Just made him mad though. He seemed like such a creep. ...but you're right, probably a coward at the core.

I've spent the week anti-idioting.
Next week should be much better :)

...I bet you did find some nice trails over there. I'll come by your blog for a visit.

Bob G. said...

I am ALWAYS wary of solicitors...
It's not like the old Fuller Brush Man or Avon stopping by these days, that's for sure.

I think of these people as "walking SPAM", and woe to any who might fall for any of their ploys.

While some (girl scouts selling cookies) are harmless (and I will buy from them), many others only want to either fleece the populace, or worse, find out WHO lives where, when they are home, and how they can get INSIDE your abode.

It's not being a's just being VIGILANT.

For God knows, there are people out there who's only reason for living is to PREY on others.

Good for you.
Nice job.

STay safe out there.

Wrexie said...

I love it out here and won't let anyone or anything take it from me. I've dug my way out to get here "blood and fire".
This person was relentless and needed someone to STOP him. Talking to friends (small to a few, you talked to many) told me he would just keep coming back until he talked to someone at that house. Now if he comes back here he gets to go to jail.