Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coffee buddies

The hummers had coffee with me this morning. The pix aren't very clear because they were taken through my window. I'll try to get better shots later...
I hung a feeder outside the window of  the room I use for an office, so when I sit here at the computer, I can watch them.... they're only a foot away.  It's pretty cool.

They go through one of these feeders a day.  The different species are starting to show up now.  It's kind of cool to live in a bird migration path.  Fun to see what's on your property each day.  I've never seen so much color and variety.  ...and lots of 'sword' fighting over the territory.  hahaha.

a Rufus hummingbird checking out my coffee cup movement

1 comment:

Bob G. said...

You probably get a LOT more hummers out there than we here in Indiana...

After all, YOUR place is a lot "closer to home" for them...
(not as far to fly)

Nicely done.
Great pics.

STay safe out there.