Tuesday, June 25, 2013

bird in question..

Lacewing Chicken


Meet Hawk Eye, Lacey, and ...well, if he's another suspected rooster we'll just call him ...Sunday Dinner for now.
They were hatched in March...so still not sure who's a he and who's a she.

HawkEye was being shy... he's my favorite rooster.  I know he's a he because I've seen him get all puffed up and belly slam another rooster.  Yep.  
..and he tried to crow.  
It was funny:  errr a eeeerrrr  ..eeeeeeerk
(His voice is cracking like a teen.. made us laugh. )

(I get in trouble for naming them... because then it's hard to butcher..or they live up to their names...
The last one that got eaten was named DragonOff.  We didn't eat her.. a coyote or fox dug under the fence and drug her off.  I felt bad she lived up to her name. We still have DragonOn.  She won't leave the nest. She sits on everyone's eggs. See what I mean? I should name one "Golden Girl"... maybe she'll lay golden eggs???  haha...yeah right.

DragonOff & Roscoe

We didn't let ole Rosco out quick enough that night to save her... cuz he would have.
Nobody messes with Roscoe's girls.  not nobody.  


Coffeypot said...

Hint, the rooster crows the hens lay eggs. I'm a city boy and I know that. But it really doesn't matter if they are for dinner.

Wrexie said...

Oh, CDog! I know... They are still youngins though. (and I'm not going to probe them, if ya know what I mean). The hens won't lay until about Sept. and the roosters don't cockadoodledo yet.
We eat the extra roosters because they just cause trouble and fight and pick on the girls. The hens give us nice eggs every day. Women rule.

Bob G. said...

"Roscoe's Girls"...ROFL!

That sounds like a movie from the 1960s...

Thanks for the lacewing chicken pic...would have NEVER guess it.

Stay safe.

Wrexie said...

hahha... it does sound like an old movie!