Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chicken Saddles

Nope.  I'm not kidding.
There is such a thing as a chicken saddle.  I laughed myself sick yesterday evening when I found out.  

Then this:

She has an old t-shirt on.  With little wing-holes. To protect her from ROOSTERS.  

You see, apparently she is the hot chick in the flock.  So hot, her wings have had the feathers worn off them. Then the other hens (mostly the red-heads) pick at her feather-less spots and make them worse. But the roosters still think she's hot... so, 'round and 'round they go.

So now I have to use the pattern found on the internet to make a real chicken protector/saddle thingy before she's bald because apparently there are lots of hot chicks that have rooster and jealous hen problems. 

Seems like calling it a saddle is just wrong though.   

OK. Stop laughing now.  I dare you....


Coffeypot said...

Put a little fence to keep her separated from the snooty bitches. Give her time to heal.

Wrexie said...

Yep.. we're still working on more fences. In the mean time, guess she'll just have to wear a dress.

Bob G. said...

For a city boy like me, I find this hilarious, but given the circumstances that this chicken has going for her, it DOES make sense.
Now, all she needs is a nice HAT to finish the

Stay safe out there.

Wrexie said...

Good thing my daughter is grown. She'd have that hen all dressed up and wearing chicken diapers so she could live in the house away from those meanies! lol